School of Dance Talentos is an organisation based in London which offers Latin American performing arts and cultural activities to all. We are a group of dancers, actors, musicians and artists, united by a shared passion for promoting Latin American culture and traditions not just in London but throughout United Kingdom.


Initially Talentos focused on Colombian folklore and traditional dance; however we are continuously expanding and now include contemporary dance and popular music as well as traditions from all Latin American countries.


We seek to contribute enrichment through artistic expression bringing joy, pride and a piece of home to the Latin American community living in London. We provide a safe environment where Adults, teens and children can celebrate and share the roots of their own regions as well as exploring the rich diversities of the whole continent. Our Aim is to share with the United Kingdom our talents and the amazing potential of our beautiful countries.


  1. Prevent the loneliness and depression through activities that allow a space for interaction with their friends around activities such as dance, crafts, theatre and music, helping them to defeat loneliness and give them the opportunity to learn new things,  exercising their body and feeling together. helping in this way to be mentally and physically healthy.

  2. Contribute to a better communication between communities through social interaction.

  3. Promote art expressions and leisure activities that strengthen our Latin American roots and encourage integration between communities.

  4. Contribute to a healthy lifestyle by creating healthy habits such as exercise around dancing, music and theatre.

  5. Make a School of dance where all the community can learn how dance and perform differences styles of rhythms. 

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School of dance Talentos have delivering performances and classes to a different projects and festivals from 2012 .  

Talentos participate in the 2012 Thames Festival parade held over a weekend in mid-September located between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge, on the bank of the Thames. This is considered the largest summer festival in London

Talentos participate in the 5th Annual International Women's Day event which brings together the Latin American community. Different cultural acts were invited by the Ecuador movement in the UK. We represented Colombian culture in this event.

Talents participate in BBC ONE’s Let's Dance for Comic Relief, as part of a group of Latinos in London.

Talents performs twice on stage as part of the parades and events at Festival VAMOS in Newcastle.

Talents participates in the cultural exchange day celebration of world folklore, organized by the Peruvian OPU States Organization in London.

Talentos was present at the integration of the Ecuador, organised by movements of Ecuador. Party Charity (a charity event) is organised by the Paraguayan organisation in London.

Talentos Organise the premier of Talentos Fusion Festival of Races in London. Latin Americans groups from different countries showcased their dances.

Every year on 1st January London’s New Year Day parade takes place in the centre of town, between half a million to million people line London’s street to watch it. The parade begins at Piccadilly circus to the finish point at Westminster for about three hours. School of dance Talentos have been participating on this parade in 2018 with 20 participants and 2020 with 28 people from all ages representing Latin-American dances and traditions with the Carnival del Pueblo.

The Hackney festival of Fitness in the UK’s largest outdoor activity which took place on May 2019 in hackney Marshes. Our participation on this festival was to cheering up with music and traditional customs from Latin-American the 5K Marathon participants with Global Carnivalz Ltd. 

In October 2019 the Latin American connection festival take place on seven sisters market to integrate the community with a Latin music, dance and food our participation on this event was to performance a traditional dance from Latin America and activities to integrate the community. 

La Clave Fest is a free multi-arts festival that celebrates the contribution of Latin America, Spanish and Portuguese (Latin) culture to London life through music and dance, as well as film, theatre, sport and gastronomy where we participate with traditional dance and music on a colourful parade this event is supported by the Arts Council and the Mayor of London.


Promote respect for human dignity, cultural diversity, equality and fairness. We trust in the potential of each person, in their ability to create, innovate and contribute ideas.


We are a group who listens to and trusts in human potential.


We are committed to the transparency and honesty in our acts.

Believe in the strength of friendship as the most valuable entity in the success of our projects.

Encourage the participation with of all with equality, believing in the capacities of every individual in the group.